Chatbot Marketing 2019 Trends for Businesses

In today’s digital age, almost everything has gone corporate. A lot of consumers are starting to lean towards the use of Artificial Intelligence in messaging apps or bots. Traditional services handled by humans have a set of limitations, when you are using chatbots, this will not be an issue.

That is because it is available 24/7 and has a wide range of services. Another field where these AIs are ahead of humans is in terms of work intelligence. Because of the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the bots gained a significant edge over traditional services when it comes to intelligence.

According to predictions from companies like Smart Bot Marketers in consumer-based services, there will be an increase in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence chatbots in the coming years. The trends of 2019 when it comes to the development of AI technologies suggests that these bots are made to match human behavior and can offer the same services.

Customer services in most industries and firms are supposed to be conducted by these AIs in a more efficient way. Here are some of the most foreseeable trends when it comes to the development of AI chatbots in the business:

Providing a human-like experience

If we are talking about individualizing customer services and experiences the same with what humans can offer, chatbots are not that far behind. Because of the advancement in AI and machine learning in today’s digital world, bot services have become a lot more impeccable and human-like.

Revolutionizing the consumer technology

Consumer technology is another area with a wide range for the development of bit services for a lot of businesses. Most business owners and online marketers are already familiar with these Artificial Intelligence bots in their industry. One platform, Google Duplex, has begun using this in their consumer technology and thus making a solid foundation for their new technology.

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Artificial Intelligence chatbot applications

If we are talking about desktop and mobile applications, the interface that is powered by AI and is run using bots can provide a flawless delivery and quick access to the desired information at the constant call of the users.

Convenient VA or Virtual Assistant

In today’s digital world, a lot of smartphone users are downloading applications to serve as a virtual assistant. Gone are the days where business owners or even ordinary people hire assistants to manage their busy schedules. Mobile or desktop applications are easier to use and to handle than human “assistants.”

Today, customer service automation is not only a dream but already a reality. That are thanks to the development and ability of these helpers to combine different applications into a single task that are meant to accelerate the evolution and growth of the business.

The development of Nonlinear Optics technology to be used for automated calls

A serverless technology, also known as NLO or Nonlinear Optics, is coming into existence that serves as an aid to the automated call centers. Its best feature includes the absence of specific downtown. The call centers can help serve a lot of customers throughout the day and solve particular problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any inconvenience.

Quick-solving solutions to any kind of problems by chatbots

If you need immediate clarifications for your questions, you can attain this using modern handheld devices like smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets. Not only that, but you can also use one of the most significant integration devices with the help of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s SIRI.

Luckily for the users, in today’s digital age, people do not need to stay on hold when calling in call centers or wait in line for their queries to be answered. Thanks to the integration of virtual assistants and chatbots with their devices like mobile phones and tablets.

Better consumer insights and analytics

To provide the customers an in-depth insight, we need to have a system that can adequately perform an accurate and right analysis of extensive data without any errors. Artificial Intelligence technology is now being used to provide correct customer information, collection, and automize information analysis.

Upcoming transformation using Artificial Intelligence

According to the experts’ predictions, in the coming years, there is a big chance that at least 90% of all the communications will be carried out using bots. Robotic messengers will be the one responsible for facilitating B2C or Business-To-Consumer interactions without any problems. It will explain why outlet stores, as well as online retailers, are promoting the use of voice-assisted AI and text-based bots for accepting orders, facilitating the orders, and the delivery of the items.

NLP or Natural Language Processing for interactive AIs

NLP or Natural Language Programming helps in giving or providing a quality human experience and making AI interactive. It proved to be one big help for e-commerce stores by screening the majority of consumer issues and sending them to different customers to clarify the problems. Click here if you want a thorough explanation on NLP.

AI bots are already under implementation

Not like other popular opinions about the future of Artificial Intelligence, it has become one of the best things that happen in the digital world. A lot of businesses are starting to use it to make their businesses grow and prosper. Quality AI means better cutting labor costs and time saving solutions.

Although there is a lack of contextual awareness, bots can lack in some areas. But like other new technologies, there is always room for improvement, and good bots can be built to have the potential to transform the business as well as human lives.


The chatbot is one of the technologies that have the means and the power to change and revolutionize the way people live and how all businesses, no matter what industry they are in, to operate effectively. Ordinary people can use the applications to get a better lifestyle, and business owners can focus on getting a better result and eventually better income from their investments using Artificial Intelligence chatbots.