Crucial SEO ranking Factors

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps in determining where your website stands in terms of ranking on the list of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. It is a process implementing various techniques, strategies, and tactics for increasing the amount of view or clicks to a website by helping in getting a high rank on the search page of an engine. In SEO, the current position of your webpage on the specific search engine is your ranking. Check this page for more information.


Sites that are well maintained and optimized get a higher quantity of views than the unoptimized websites. Without proper search engine optimization, people will not be able to find your site making your efforts useless. Thus SEO is essential in getting a good rank in the search engines. Some of the most important contributing factors are-

  • Creating an accessible and secure website – Firstly, your website should have the right URL. By right, it is a non- malicious URL that the bots of Google can reach easily. In simpler terms, Google should be able to easily visit the webpage to understand the main content of it. You have to create a bot, friendly website. The website should be well-coded with robots.txt file, helping Google to look for your site information.
  • Page Speed – One of the most crucial factors listed for SEO has been page speed forever. This aspect has always been a primary thing benefitting the user experience. Google also announced newly updated algorithms to help in mobile searches. So your website should be mobile friendly too. Your website should also load equally on mobile devices as compared to computers. You can use a lot of online tools to test the loading speed of your website. You can check this page to know more about it.
  • Mobile friendly – Mobile compatible has gradually become a very defining SEO ranking factor. With the extensive use of this technology, mobile searches are more computer than computer searches because of their simple interface and compatibility. Thus Google has started the mobile-first index, which concludes firstly on mobile preferably on desktops. Therefore you have to make sure that your website has a good user experience with the mobile devices to have a good ranking. Check this page for more information about this.
  • URL, Domain Age, and Authority – Getting a good ranking takes time even with all the right techniques. The domain name influences SEO. Many times people use an exact-match domain to get a rank boost, but with a good and running website; you can instead shift your focus to URL and optimize it for the best results. Authority also plays a good factor in the ranking websites. It is a way of prediction of how a website is performing on search engines.
  • Optimized content – The algorithms of Google search relies heavily on keywords. Keywords are the phrases that people use while searching for something in the search engine, and they also describe your topic. Thus you have to optimize your content in such a way that it generates the best result on the website. To get further information check this page.
  • User Experience – One thing which is crucial in SEO is the user experience of your website. The all-round user experience should be useful to get more hits and views. Google uses AI like Rank Brain to get detail about it like the click-through rate, the bounce rate and dwell time, all of which makes an essential contribution in ranking your website.


The ranking is the most important factor to help you get more people to go through your website. These are some of the main contributing factors to it. For more content, you can check this page.