5 SEO Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization in 2020

It’s the year 2020 and technology is pushing forward. Everyone’s online and trends are changing rapidly. Every six months Google evaluates the trends and needs and makes changes in its bots that scan pages and rank them accordingly.

This year, when most people stay at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to optimize your website and have it more relevant on the search engines for customers to see it first when they search for something. Everyone buys online and it’s important to make your page the best online store among all.

In this article, you can read about the top search engine optimization tips in 2020 and see what the most important issues are. Read on and learn more!

1. Go local

Whatever your business does, you need to adjust it for the locals. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products or offering some kind of service, you need to optimize the web site for the locals.

Those pages that are not going to be locally optimized won’t rank as higher as the others. This tells you that you get a double benefit from local SEO.

2. High-quality content and blog writing

Content has always been the most important part of the websites, and it will probably remain the most important one for as long as websites exist.

That’s why it’s important to create a blog part on your site and make blog posts filled with content that will be relevant for search engine crawlers and bots. This content should be exactly what you work with and will help the engines see you as relevant and valuable for the people searching stuff that are relevant for your business. See more on this subject on the link.

Still, it’s not enough to just fill in rubbish and fluff talk inside. You should use your knowledge and create some truly valuable information that customers will appreciate.

3. Use relevant and complex keywords

People online used to search for something using only one keyword. Then, things changed and they started to expand their search using two words together to specify the search needs.

Now, questions as key terms are popular as people do a lot of the search queries through voice search. You need to focus on this issue and use key terms or LSIs that will be useful for the search engines.

At the same time, don’t forget to do your search and find out what are the most important keywords for your industry and implement them as well. They’ve always been important and they’ll continue to be important in the future.

4. Improve the speed of the site

This is one of the issues that was always important and in 2020, it seems to be more important than ever. Most people expect their search results to be opened in no more than 3 seconds. People are the happiest if the site they clicked is opened immediately, and they are not going to wait more than 3 seconds. See more on this here: https://www.machmetrics.com/speed-blog/average-page-load-times-for-2020/.

At the same time, most pages need 11 seconds on average to fully load. This is unacceptable. Do your SEO insight scan and see what makes it slow. Eliminate these issues and make it as fast as possible to make sure that it will both be ranked higher and people be satisfied.

5. Optimize for mobile

Did you know that the percentage of people in the US who surf the net through a mobile device is exactly 50%? With more than 200 million people using the internet and searching for information, it’s understandable that over 100 million people will access your page on mobile.

That’s why optimizing for mobile is more than essential. Make sure your page can be reached and easily browsed through mobile if you want to have a higher SEO, too.


These 5 points are the core for creating a perfect SEO in 2020. Without them, you can be sure that Google or the other search engines will ignore you. This is why you must be sure that these 5 things are fully covered and your page is ranked as higher as possible.