How to Write Quality SEO Content for Web Articles In 2019

In search engine optimization, the content quality is everything. This is because search engines like Google are constantly trying to improve user experience. The more there is quality in your content, the higher up you will rank. This is because a piece of quality content ultimately aims to provide the user with greatest information. It has keyword density optimized and it aims at sharing valuable information. However, a lot of people think that bloggers who rank the highest on search engines spend days writing a single blog post. No! That is wrong. It can take 2- 5 hours for a blog post that is well- researched and well- structured to be written. That is all. With the use of some basic principles in SEO, you will be able to maintain the quality. Keep in mind the keyword density while writing new SEO articles. It’s mandatory for you to make use a plagiarism detector software to remove any copied content. Always write content that is flawless when it comes to grammar. Write content that is relevant to your audience.

The following tips will help you better manage content creation for your blog while also maintaining quality. It will save you time and effort but it won’t sacrifice quality. This is what you need to do as a content creator.

Create a list

As a content creator who has to create 2- 5 posts on a weekly basis, you have to come up with a list. This will include all the trending topics you can write in. You can take these ideas from a lot of places. If you have a comments section where people are engaging at your blog, you can pick topics from the questions that people are asking. This is a great way to pick topics. Likewise, you will need to keep an eye on your competitors. The audience for both your and your competitor’s blog is the same. You can take inspiration from your competitors. You can also be the trendsetter. Come up with new and interesting topics. Take out 30 minutes once a week to jot down some topics. A list of 10- 20 topics would suffice. When you have a list on board, you don’t have to worry about topics when you actually sit down to write and it saves you ton of time while making sure that your topics remain relevant.

Create outlines

All professional writers use outlines. Having a list of ideas that you want to put in your final draft is important. It helps you in forming a good argument. It helps you in making sure that your ideas a coherent. It creates a work ethic for you. And it saves you a lot of time. When you spend 10- 20 minutes writing down an online, you will save ton of time writing the blog post. This is because when you are writing and you don’t know what you want to write about, your mind is both thinking of ideas and finding words appropriate enough to be in the final draft. That is not something that leads to a great piece of content. Often times you also have a word limit to meet. Assume that you have to write a blog post of 1000 words. You have to add 3 ideas in it and an introduction and conclusion. You can spend 400 words combined for conclusion and introduction. The rest of 600 words can be dedicated to writing each idea for 200 words each. This will create a piece of content that is uniform. You don’t want to write 400 words on one idea and just 50 on the other. Try to create a habit of working with outlines today!

Pick the right time to write

Once you have the topic and outline ready, there is not much thinking to do. You just need to use basic words to create the rest of the content. The writing will improve over the course of time. You don’t need to worry much about that. If you want to better manage writing, one thing to do would be to write the full blog post in one sitting. This is because once you have the ideas flowing, you don’t want to break the streak. Avoid any and all distractions. Make a cup of coffee and get at it. If you only write 200 words of a 1000 words long blog post, it will take time for you to begin writing again the next day. Don’t do that. If your blog post takes 3 hours to write, pick a time of the day when you have 3 hours straight. You don’t want to be taking a lot of breaks. They just hinder your progress. It does not matter if you write at midnight or 3am or 5pm. Just pick the right time that works the best for you.

Research is important

A lot of times when people want to save time while writing, they cut off the time to research about the topic. They have an idea what they want to write but they don’t have much information to back up those ideas. This can significantly affect the quality of your content. Once you go up and running, you need research to back your ideas. This is why take out some time to read the already existing content on the topic. You will need to do some research on info graphics that you can add in your content to further strengthen your arguments. Don’t sacrifice good argumentation assuming that it will save you time. It does not.

Don’t hire a professional editor

If you have an editor that you are working with, it is not the best way to go if you want to cut time on creating content. This is because you essentially adding more time by adding more people on the team. And honestly, you don’t even need an editor. Yes, you need to see if there are any grammatical errors or sentence structure errors in your content but you can do that using a tool like Grammarly. Other than that, the editor will have his or her own timings and it will not make it easier for you to finalize on the content.