SEO Services with Perfection Imbued

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, means optimization for search engines. It is the set of techniques to optimize websites, blogs or pages on the internet. This work aims to improve the organic ranking in the search engines generating traffic and authority for any web page.

Whoever wants to find out what SEO is certainly looking to improve the performance of their website, the performance of their digital marketing, whether to sell more, make more contacts, prospect customers or reinforce their brand in digital media. Most importantly contact with a digital marketing agency, such as Razwerks Digital Marketing Agency.

Attract, retain, enchant. These verbs are part of these companies that have the ambition to seek first place in search results.

Especially because getting free authority and consequently customers is what any manager seeks for his business, right?

However, it is not enough to just be present on the internet or supply your website or blog with news.

What is SEO?

Strategic theme of digital marketing, SEO is the acronym in English for Search Engine Optimization, which in good Portuguese means “search engine optimization”.

The SEO work has as main objective to improve the positioning of a website in the organic result of the search in Google.

SEO impacts the company as a whole

Working with SEO techniques and methods for website optimization is working so that it is well ranked in search engines.

That way, when a user searches for a keyword related to your business, and your page appears as one of the first results.

And, as it is been seen, 70% of the time it will be accessed.

SEO helps to increase traffic to your website. It contributes to the increase in the number of views, as well as conversions in downloads (if you offer this).

How does SEO improve results on Google?

It is in the public domain that conversion rates are highest when traffic is organic. This means, in many cases, more sales.

This is a cause and effect relationship: more quality traffic to the website = more sales on the website and potentially in the physical store. To be able to generate more quality traffic to the site, it is necessary to work on Google positioning with SEO. In this sense, content marketing is essential. That’s because you, when actually producing something of value, optimized for SEO, the chances of going up in search are huge.