The Latest SEO Trends in Spartanburg

It is essential to understand that search engine optimization or SEO is still one of the most effective ways to improve your overall Google rankings so that you can reach more organic visitors than before.

Similarly, as technology is advancing, professional marketers are finding new and unique ways to boost the efficiency of optimization, which leads to many trends and changes.

To stay ahead of optimization, you need to think about competitiveness and what others are doing to reach their efficiency.

Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for thorough vetting and analyzing others so that you can determine the best approach for your business niche and target audience.

Before checking out Spartanburg SEO experts, we recommend you to stay with us to learn about evolving trends that are affecting the optimization community.

1.Artificial Intelligence

As AI involves, more and more industries are starting to implement its benefits and efficiency. Therefore, we can say that artificial intelligence became the pioneering force of optimization as well.

A few years back, Google algorithms wholly changed and transformed into content-centered optimization that became more informative and relevant to visitors and users.

The most crucial progression in this particular step is the introduction of BERT, which is something that will affect everything around us.

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Generally, BERT is a neural network-based technique that uses natural language processing and will assist with how people search.

It is the most significant advancement in the last five years when it comes to the algorithm, and will ultimately affect the way we construct our search intents.

Since it affects at least one in ten searches, BERT will help Google understand the natural language people are using with an idea to get your intent and not just to follow your keywords as before.

The best thing about it is the idea that you cannot optimize for it, which means that it will follow your content and other factors you implement.

Even though we will not change the way we optimize content, but generally, BERT is the first step towards the future in which search engines will use machines that understand languages.

It means that now SEO has to focus on creating high-end, natural, and useful content, which means writing content for users and not machines.

You should also know that BERT knows how to interpret questions, which is something that will also affect customer enjoyment when it comes to the process of finding what they want through it.

2.Voice Search

Even though it seemed strange to see someone talking to himself, now we know that voice search is something that will stay. Even though it entered the market back in 2012, numerous people thought that it would become obsolete after a few years.

This particular technology is something that we tend to use daily, which means that the future will shine by using it as well.

You should know that Schema markup enters the online information every single month, with the latest developments for future movies. Even though it seems something that we cannot understand yet, you should know that movies are showing the expressions of structured data.

Since smart speakers reached more than a hundred millions of people in the USA, marketing experts started to analyze its uses on the website and took advantage of voice search in general

Voice search also lead to the creation of new marketing snippets in this particular form, which is an essential consideration for the future of digital marketing practices.

Another critical consideration is Speakable, which is added within Google Assistant to answer people based on particular topics. The assistant can quickly return up to three relevant audio playbacks as well by including the text-to-speech markup.

Remember that this particular markup is highly essential for new websites because when you ask something to assist, you will get a full URL to your mobile device.

In case you are searching the website in English, you can implement this particular markup and read content requirements as well as technical considerations that are necessary.


The latest concept that will become the next big thing is the idea of using entities as distinguishable, well-defined, and unique concepts. Remember that they are not physical, but represent the vague idea or color while well defined as well.

A few years back, Google created a patent that uses entity metrics for search results. It is another thing that will affect the technical perspective of optimization because it uses the latest forms of machine learning so that the search engine could calculate the intent based on probability.

That will also reduce reliance on using links as the factors for ranking purposes, which are essential for optimization strategy nowadays. It means that in the future, we have to adopt changes to reach higher rankings.

If some site is selling sneakers, you have to think about numerous aspects, including sizes, brands, colors as well as other feature that fall into a concept of the entity.

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Therefore, each sneaker represents a different entity, which means that you need to know how to frame each product so that people could reach particular models faster than before.

Besides, we can differentiate micro and macro entities, in which sites are becoming considered as the ones as well, which will completely change the optimization game.

4.Knowledge Panel

Finally, you should know that Knowledge Graph entered the scene back in 2012, and the upgrade from the initial efficiency reached the point of advancement.

Remember that they are closely connected with rich and snippet results, which is why everyone can control and edit the information presented in search results.

Therefore, as a client, you can adopt specific ideas and requests, including changing the featured image, social profiles, panel title, and other factors within the search results.

We can easily say that controlling the knowledge panel comes with numerous benefits because you can access quickly to your site, and objective control info you wish to show to visitors. That is the main reason why you should claim it as soon as possible.