What should we keep in mind when hiring an SEO service?

If we have a web page and we want to position it and appear in the first results of Google, it is necessary to develop a good SEO strategy. If it is the case that our knowledge is not the best, it is always advisable to hire an external SEO service, since the time to be devoted is great and the work is hard. Therefore, if we want to gain visibility we cannot go around with nonsense, we must bet on it.

SEO is a field that evolves a lot and what one day worked, the other didn’t. Therefore it is important to have experts who are up to date and who know how to face a good strategy to bring visibility to your business. In this way, today we give you a series of tips to make the right decision when hiring SEO services.

  1. No one can assure you of any position:In this world you have to be careful with what is promised. And nobody can promise you the first position in the search engine. It is impossible to predict. Obviously, if the page is worked and a good SEO is done, it will be gained in visibility, but nobody can assure in what position you will be in a month. The main reason is because surely your business is not the only one that works the organic positioning, but the competition will also be doing it. On the other hand, doing certain activity, for example, generating content on the web, will not ensure that you are the first. We will improve certain behaviors that we did not have before and therefore we will improve visibility, but there will never be an exact formula.
  2. We must know that with a good web design we do not have everything done: There are professionals in different sectors. The web designer sure will make you a fantastic website that probably helps SEO, but you have to have professionals in the field to be visibleYou know that if they don’t see you, you don’t exist. What is the use of having a beautiful website? You have to bet on SEO, as some geeks of the subject say: “the best place to hide a body is on the second page of Google.”
  3. SEO is a job that can never stop:If we want to hire SEO services, we must be aware that it will be like one more department, since SEO works continuously. If we just put a few keywords on our website and do nothing else, we will be hiring something that will not help us in the long run. It is important to be aware of it. We will not begin to see results for at least six months, and we can never stop optimizing SEO, because if not the competition will absorb us, and what it has cost us to achieve in 1 year, we will lose it in a matter of months.
  4. We must set goals:If our page is an ecommerce, it is clear that our goal is to sell. Therefore, before hiring anything, we must be aware that we must control the conversions we have, what channels they come from, etc. To do this, in addition to inserting these codes on the web to control it, we must demand reports to see the evolution of conversions, and see how the work has influenced SEO.
  5. The contents always have to be the basis of the service:Although Google constantly changes the algorithms, we must know that the content remains the basis of everything. Therefore, we can never stop generating content. The more you update, the more pages will be indexed by Google and the more chance we will have to be more visible. Of course, note that the contents they make are always consistent with our theme and that they are of quality. These contents must provide relevant information to users. The chances that users know you through the content are many.
  6. If we hire an SEO service, we must always see that it is coordinated with our Social Media strategy. A good strategy in Social Media can make us better positioned in the search engines.