The Power of Remarketing

It is certainly more effective to target your ads at people who have already seen your value proposition instead of solely pushing them at the general public. While this segment of users may not have being convinced enough to take the desired action on the spot during their initial website visit, they are more susceptible to constant conversion contemplation after having left your website. How then can you reach this segment efficiently? The answer, Remarketing Campaigns.

An Introduction to Remarketing

Remarketing campaigns empower you to engage visitors to your website who did not convert on their first visit. These ads follow your users as they traverse to other parts of the internet and continually remind them of your value proposition. Over time, due to mere exposure and top of mind reminders, users are subtly convinced to return to your website. This is particularly effective when the visitor continuously contemplates your offer after having left your website.

Similar to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, you do not pay for exposure or impressions. Instead, a charge is only applicable when a user clicks on your remarketing ad. As such, this makes remarketing ads a highly cost efficient method of pushing for conversions.

The Benefits of Remarketing

The true power of remarketing lies in the ability to customise who actually receives the remarketing ads. Rather than sending them after every visitor on your website who did not convert, a more efficient technique would be to use proxy statistics to determine which users would be more likely to consider the value proposition after leaving the website.

Potential purchase intent can be inferred from the amount of time a user spends on the website or the click-through to specific webpages. Depending on the architecture of your website, the mean for such data could differ greatly.

Another benefit of having remarketing campaign ads is that their copy and presentation of the value proposition could be catered specifically to the user. For example, a user who viewed a pair of shoes would receive a different remarketing ads as compared to a user who viewed jewellery. The key here is in the strategic setup and execution coupled with continual observation.

Getting Professional Expertise

To get professional help on remarketing campaigns, along with the necessary filtering, segmenting, copywriting and strategic planning, you should consider hiring a web design company with digital marketing expertise. Both disciplines are important in firstly creating sufficiently engaging experiences on your website, and thereafter efficiently targeting engaged users who did not take the desired actions immediately.