Using Chatbot Giveaways That Go Viral

It is not surprising that people love getting gifts, and that is because people in general like giveaways and free stuff. So how can you do it? Well, for starters, believe it or not, the best thing you can do in this digital world is to use bots. For example, gamers have already figured this one out – using apps like Discord and Twitch bots to make excellent giveaways.

These giveaway bots can help business owners their brands, products, or services some superb PR work and more. We will explain this in this article as well.

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Once they finished reading this article, they will be able to program their bots to create an excellent giveaway that can help give them some growth in their social media campaigns, as well as build their online profile and brand. If you are not a corporation, do not worry because it is an excellent way for startup companies, small to medium enterprises, as well as established corporations to get some needed return on their investments.

The chatbot is the key

No matter what application or platform you are working with – whether software application, web bot, or messenger – chatbots are an excellent way to create surprising giveaways, more than anything else people can think of. There is a good reason for it.

These bots are designed to work on circulating algorithms; most importantly, they are very smart. Have you ever wondered how these bots can pick one person out of thousands, or even millions of people spamming the answer? The answer is by using these chatbots.

So, what does these Giveawaybot do when it is being used in giveaways? Well, to tell you the truth, it is programmed to record and calculate the results of entries. There are different ways that users can set up the drawing – one of the main ways is what experts call first come, first serve.

The other technique of having a drawing is a random drawing using an algorithm where the bot will select the winner randomly, out of all the entries. It can be done using select identifiers and names. When you are trying to set up bots like ManyChat to be used for Facebook Giveaways, it is probably a good bet to provide the businesses and the subscribers a chance to win complete random freebies or giveaways.

Facebook drawings

A lot of online marketers are experts at using things like Google or Facebook Ads and other marketing platforms. But one of the things they do not know how to do is to set up their chatbots properly. The good news is, there are excellent templates that business owners can use.

What makes giveaways viral?

It is an excellent question. Using different techniques will help people see that the central part if the giveaway is its ability to be easily shared. A lot of giveaways and promos by big companies have good results, but if you check carefully, sharing this kind of things to your friends and family can get them more when it comes to traffic and conversion rates.

In most giveaways, people will be asked to provide some personal information like e-mail address, name, or age. They can also get additional entries by following the company’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

The tricky part is that when these companies do not promote giveaway sharing, they are going to get users who will just enter the promo when they stumble upon the website. The trick here is to become viral and encourage sharing. That is right; for it to be very successful, the punch line should be correct. By entering the giveaway, businesses can promote additional entries for every social media share.

When it comes to using bots, business owners can include their Facebook Messenger chatbot link and allow other people to share the link to enter drawings, thus getting both the entrepreneur and the customers more entries. There are reasons why people like contests, promos, and giveaways. People, in general, are very competitive.

Giving them the chance to compete provides them with the necessary incentive and drive, especially if they will be rewarded for it. People also love to get free stuff, that is not a surprise. That is why giveaways will be successful if done right.