What does the MilesWeb Affiliate program offer?

Monetizing a website, especially a blogging platform is the main motive of most web owners. There are many ways in which a blogger can monetize his or her website, either by placing ads on the site, selling your products or services or by affiliate marketing of various products and services of national and international enterprises. Out of all these methods, the most popular and obviously the one which gives better monetary rewards than the other forms is affiliate marketing. Now, there are hundreds of companies from different fields of operations that offer affiliate programs. They sell their products and services through affiliate program. But, the real dilemma is to look out for a proper and just affiliate program, which company to trust on, so as to join the affiliate program. My honest suggestion will be, don’t rely on one specific field for the affiliate marketing purpose, as you can utilize every field of business for affiliate if you logically present it. But still, one particular field or domain that stands out is web hosting services. As almost all web host companies offer an hosting affiliate program and most of them do pay a respectable amount. Before jumping on to the review part, let us try and understand what affiliate marketing exactly means.

What is the meaning of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of indirect marketing that major enterprises utilize to increase the sales of their products and services through reference sales. Here, the company or the enterprise provides all the essential marketing tools like an individual reference link, banner ads, tracking codes, etc. You can place them on your website, internet listings, or even on emails. If a visitor clicks the particular link and if he or she goes ahead and purchases any product or service through the link, you are rewarded with a commission i.e. you get paid for it.

Now, from the title itself, it might be absolutely clear that I am going to review MilesWeb’s affiliate program. As the company is one of the popular Indian web hosting providers and has a customer base of over 28000, there won’t be that much of a need to prepare excessive sales pitch for their products and services. With 75+ plans for various versions of hosting, MilesWeb does offer a lot with a separate affiliate commission for every individual plan. Let us take a look at what exactly they offer and is the offer really worth the efforts?

MilesWeb Affiliate Program: Why is it one of the best?

MilesWeb is an awarded and renowned Indian web hosting provider. They provide one of the most reliable and affordable web hosting services such as best WordPress hosting, shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting with premium support.

The reason behind the profitability of the MilesWeb affiliate program is that it offers everything that your visitors would require to get online. You get a range of options to display like banners or links to incorporate within your platform.

Commission Structure

For a detailed commission rate chart visit: https://www.milesweb.com/affiliate-commission.php

Benefits for MilesWeb Affiliate

Sign-up bonus

MilesWeb gives you Rs. 1000 as a sign-up bonus as soon as you complete the registration process.

Best Commission rates

With commission ranging from 200 to 20000 and with 70+ hosting plans on offer, what else could an affiliate ask for?

Free Registration

MilesWeb affiliate program is free for everyone and from anywhere to join.

Shortest withhold period

With the waiting period of just 30 days after the sale is made, the withholding period for you is one of the shortest in the industry.

Easy Payouts

MilesWeb’s payout policy is one of the easiest across fields, as you get your affiliate commission as soon as your account reaches the threshold of just Rs. 2000.

Attractive banners

Banners are a very essential part of any affiliate marketing program. MilesWeb gives you attractive banners to grab the maximum attraction of your visitors and increase the number of sales through your dedicated link.

Personal affiliate manager

It is one of the unique features of the MilesWeb affiliate program as you get a dedicated affiliate manager to answer all your queries as and when required.

Simple to maintain

They make sure that your affiliate account is easy to maintain and to do so they offer customized banners in order to suit your specifications; apart from this you get a proper and in-depth online affiliate guide and more.

Maximize your conversion rate

As mentioned earlier MilesWeb is one of the easiest platforms to increase the number of conversions through the affiliate link as the number of options available and the quality of service provided doesn’t need to be bragged about separately.


I would just say, what are you waiting for? With MilesWeb you are getting the best of everything. You just need to act as a bridge between people and MilesWeb using smart affiliate strategies. So, just join the program now.